Love Is In The Air? 4 Creative Ways To Craft A Personalised Chocolate Bouquet For Your Partner On Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is a special day for couples to celebrate their love for each other. So, if your partner is a chocolate buff, there's no better way to show your love than to craft a personalised chocolate bouquet for her. Chocolate bouquets are a creative twist to traditional flower bouquets, so follow these steps in your quest to impress her with your unrelenting love.

Choose Your Partner's Favourite Chocolates And Wrap Them In Foil

If your partner has a favourite chocolate flavour, then you can get these from a local confectionery store or retail supermarket. Make sure you choose firm chocolates that can fit onto skewers. If the chocolates are too soft, you may have to harden them in a fridge for a little while. But make sure they are not too hard because they will break when you try to poke them into the skewer. Replace the existing commercial wrapping of the chocolate with self-coloured foil to begin the bouquet-making process. Match the colour of the foil to your partner's favourite or you can simply choose red –– the colour of love when making chocolate bouquets for Valentine's Day.

Choose Chocolate Shapes To Suit The Day

If you're getting the chocolates professionally made or if you're making them on your own for the bouquet before setting them, then you'll want to choose shapes to suit the day. For example, heart-shaped chocolates are excellent choices to show your love on Valentine's Day because they demonstrate the meaning behind your chocolate bouquet perfectly.

Place The Chocolates On Skewers Along With Other Decorative Motifs

Now it's time for you to start putting the elements of the chocolate bouquets together. You can begin by placing decorative motifs like colourful paper flowers, ribbons and printed net to create an ornamental base. Finish off the skewers by pushing the chocolates through them. You should have enough skewers to make the chocolate bouquet look full and vibrant.

Build Your Ornate Base

You now need to build an ornate base for the chocolate skewer arrangement you've created. Choose a plastic or glass pot container and fill it with frosted pebbles or even colourful candies to create an ornate base. Poke the skewers into the pebble or candy pot base. Finish off the base with decorative ribbons, bows or any other material you desire. You've now made a beautiful personalised chocolate bouquet to display your love to your partner on Valentine's Day.

Personalised chocolate bouquets are perfect for pronouncing your love and devotion, so follow these creative steps to make your partner feel special.


26 August 2016

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